3 Great Ways to Help Veterans Any Time of Year

Welcome back!

Today, I want to talk a little bit about veterans.

Personally, I come from a long line of fine Americans who have served our country in several foreign wars. In fact, my Uncle George was a recipient of the Silver Star for his bravery and valor at the Battle of the Bulge in World War II.

I want to talk a little bit about how important it is for us, as Americans, to make sure we do everything we can to support our troops both while they are overseas defending our freedom, as well as after they return to our shores, ready to continue their lives. In keeping with that, I want to offer you all a few tips about what we can do as a community to support our veterans.

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Columbus Day in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is one of the country’s most culturally rich and diverse cities — and one of the best parts about calling the City of Brotherly Love home is knowing that all of my fellow Philadelphians support and celebrate one another at every occasion, be it a parade, a fundraiser, or anything else. That said, I am pleased to say that I recently had the distinct privilege of co-hosting one of our city’s biggest annual cultural celebrations: The Columbus Day Parade. While Columbus Day is most often regarded as a significant date on the calendar for Italian-Americans, the celebration of the holiday itself is something for everyone, regardless of background and heritage.

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What Does It Take to Build a Winning Organization?

Champions and winners come in all shapes and sizes, and they can be found in every industry. Ask anyone who’s been at the helm of a successful enterprise about how they got to the top and they’ll all tell you the same thing: It starts with you. So, before you draw up the plans for your building or start laying the bricks for its foundation, ask yourself if you’ve got your priorities in order.

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The Mummers: Philadelphia’s Hidden Gem

Not long ago, during an interview, I was asked, “If Pete Ciarrocchi could tell the world something it doesn’t already know about Philly, what would it be?”

Of course, our great city has no shortage of people, places, cultural hubs and institutions that make it special, which made that question a tricky one to answer. However, of all of the things that make the City of Brotherly Love great, the one that I wish I could tell the world about is the Mummers. So I decided to provide a little bit of background on one of Philadelphia’s greatest cultural institutions with this blog post. Read on to learn more about the Mummers and what makes them special!

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What Makes Chickie’s & Pete’s Crabfries® The Best?

Since it opened in 1977, Chickie’s & Pete’s has accumulated numerous accolades from local publications and national media outlets alike. Everyone from ESPN and Maxim to DrinkPhilly and Zagat has acknowledged us. In fact, we’ve been recognized as the “#1 Sports Bar on the East Coast,” “The #1 Sports Bar in North America,” and “The Best Place to Watch the Game.” In all that time, we’ve grown tremendously, too. Today, we have locations all over Philadelphia, New Jersey, and other places like Ohio and the Carolinas (to name a few). And, to be honest, I couldn’t be prouder!

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