Are you an entrepreneur? Do you know the answers to these questions?

When I got my start back in the 70s, there wasn’t a place where aspiring business people went to share their experiences with one another. Back then, the only way you could learn how to be successful was by trial and error: You figure out the right things to do by doing the wrong things first, learning from your mistakes, and not repeating them. We didn’t have the internet to give us instant answers to basic questions — some of which I later learned everyone in my situation was asking themselves.

Today’s blog is to help you not make the same mistakes I did. I’m going to answer 3 questions that everyone who is getting started in business will eventually ask themselves at one point or another.

I know what motivates me, but are those motives the kind that ultimately lead to success?
As long as you’re motivated by the idea of providing something that either helps people or makes them happy and it isn’t harmful or prejudice in any way, then your mind and motives are in the right place.

How do you stay committed?
When you’re pursuing something that you’re genuinely passionate about, you shouldn’t have to worry too much about commitment. That said, if you find yourself losing steam every now and then, don’t worry about it — you’re only human and it happens to everyone! However, if you’re going through bouts in which you either find yourself disinterested or somehow without the excitement that got you started in the first place, it might be time to reevaluate whether or not you’re doing the best thing for yourself and your future.

How do you know if you’re successful?
I have to answer this one in three parts:
It’s a good idea to set a few goals for yourself as soon as you can to measure your progress — not success, but progress — during your first couple of years. Having milestones in place not only helps you stay on task, but it also helps you get a clear vision of where you see yourself going. Later on, once you’ve established yourself, you can start measuring your success with things like staff expansion and turnover, revenue gained and lost, etc.
If you’re in it to make money right out of the chute, I have some disappointing news for you: It ain’t gonna happen! You have to live close to the vest and be prepared to make no money while you lay the foundation you’ll build your future on. Don’t think of this period as one in which you’re losing money; instead, see it for what it is: You’re investing in your business, yourself, and your future.
You should never think you’re successful. There is no gage on success. If you think you’re a success, you will stop trying as hard as you were.

Going back to what started this conversation: Today, anyone can hop online and find a forum dedicated to virtually any topic under the aspiring entrepreneur’s umbrella. I want to add my experiences, ideas, and tips to the information in that space, not because I’m some kind of expert, but because I think the more material you have to consider when you’re getting started, the more informed you’re going to be. That’s why I launched my video series, Pete’s Tips. (Check out the first episode on the Pete’s Tips page while you’re here!).

Back when Chickie’s & Pete’s Crab House and Sports Bar started its evolution from neighborhood taproom to nationally-renowned, award-winning sports bar, Pete Ciarrocchi was just a guy from Northeast Philly with a few ideas and a recipe (which ultimately became our famous Crabfries®). Today, I’m happy to say that I’m a successful entrepreneur who leveraged his success as a restaurateur to pursue other ventures ranging from charity work to co-ownership of a professional arena football league franchise in the Philadelphia Soul (check out the Pete Ciarrocchi page on the Soul’s website and then read about my co-owners while you’re there).

In conclusion, I want to encourage the aspiring entrepreneurs and future business leaders out there to take advantage of the resources available online while you’re building your vision.

Until next time, stay safe and have a happy holiday, and thanks for stopping by!

Pete Ciarrocchi

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