Pete Ciarrocchi is known in social and professional circles throughout Philadelphia (and its neighboring communities) chiefly for his success as a restaurateur. However, Pete is also a noteworthy philanthropic figure who has garnered attention for the work he does with several local charities and other non-profit organizations. Among them are the 1492 Society and the Mummers. However, Pete Ciarrocchi’s ventures branch out far beyond the hospitality and charity realms, taking root in the world of professional sports as well. Read on to learn more about Pete Ciarrocchi and the organizations he belongs to.

3B Orthopaedic Board of Directors
As a member of the 3B Orthopaedic Board of Directors, Pete Ciarrocchi devotes his time and energy to supporting the advancement of orthopaedic care to serve those who need it.

1492 Society
As founder and Chairman Emeritus of Philadelphia’s 1492 Society, Pete Ciarrocchi is dedicated to furthering the prevalence of traditional Italian customs and culture.

Aria Jefferson Health Legacy Board of Trustees
Pete Ciarrocchi has pledged to allocate his time and resources to furthering and advancing the quality of care given to patients all across the prestigious network of Aria Jefferson hospitals. In fact, he sits on their board of trustees.

The Mummers
If you ask Pete, “What’s the one thing about Philadelphia more people should know about?” chances are he’ll tell you it’s the Mummers. As a member of the Polish-American String Band, Pete Ciarrocchi is a proud champion of this Philadelphia institution, which has been a cultural staple of the community for over two centuries.

The Philadelphia Soul
That’s right, Pete Ciarrocchi is not only involved with the world-famous Philadelphia Soul, he is a proud member of their ownership group. He sits there alongside the likes of NFL legend Dick Vermeil, former Eagles Quarterback Ron Jaworski, Super Bowl champion Marques Colston, as well as several other prominent business owners and investors.

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