What does it mean to be successful?

I’ve been lucky over the years.

Not only do I have the love of my wonderful family and the support of a tremendous team at Chickie’s & Pete’s, but I also have a diverse and generous network of colleagues and friends from all walks of life who inspire me every day.

Now, I don’t mean come off as overly sentimental or wishy-washy — but I say all that because I want to paint a picture of what I think it means to be successful, which looks like this: being surrounded by people who genuinely care about you and believe in the same things that you do.

Does defining success matter?

I think this is a topic worth discussing because there is so much content online, in the newspapers, on TV, and everywhere else you look that talks about success, but none of it really cuts to the heart of how successful people define “success” for themselves. In fact, I think the only thing we can assume about success based on most of the information out there is that success means money, things, and status. I promise you, though, that’s far from the truth!

How does anyone know what “successful” people think it means to be a success?

This year, I have the honor of being invited to participate in SJ Magazine’s annual men’s Roundtable dinner at the Capital Bar and Grille in Cherry Hill, NJ. It’s a great event that brings together distinguished people from different professions, backgrounds, and areas of expertise; the people there talk about everything from accomplishments and regret, to passion and leadership.

These people have all been recognized for their achievements and were invited to the Roundtable because of their “success.” But if you ask them what makes them successful, they don’t talk about money, material, or status. Instead, they talk about achieving their goals, bringing their visions to life, and doing it all with the support of genuine people who have similar values.

In closing, I just want to say that success is having good people in your life, plain and simple. Once you do, the other stuff will come naturally.

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